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Eating Disorder Awareness
What is Binge Eating Disorder?

According to NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) Binge Eating (also Binge-ing) is “consuming an amount of food that is considered much larger than the amount that most individuals would eat under similar circumstances within a discrete period of time.​"

What is Bulimia Nervosa?

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, a person who "binges on food an average of twice weekly in a three-month time period, followed by" behavior that is meant to prevent weight gain has Bulimia Nervosa.

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

By definition, Anorexia Nervosa is self-starvation to at least 15% below appropriate weight. It is important to keep in mind that anorexia is the result of long term malnutrition. A skewed body image and cognitive distortions often occur in these clients. 
  • Not all anorexics are thin, and that anorexics can and do eat. 
  • Eating disorders are a misuse of food to resolve emotional problems.
  • Fat-free eating is not healthy eating.
  • When children restrict food in their early years, they are greatly risk to become overweight adults. 
  • Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of Americans. 
  • To lose weight effectively, eat healthfully, not less. 
  • 95% of dieters regain their lost weight within one to five years.
Eating disorders have one of the highest suicide rates of any psychiatric disorder. Because eating disorders and suicide are found in tandem with many psychological issues, such as anxiety and depression, intensive multidisciplinary care is necessary. Get involved, advocate and learn more about eating disorders.

SMEDA Southwest Michigan Eating Disorder Association: