Well of GRACE Ministries is a 501( c ) 3 non-profit organization. Our funding comes entirely from 
generous individuals, organizations, churches, civic groups and foundations.

Address: 5707 Red Arrow Hwy, #130 Stevensville, MI 49127 
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Our Mission:  Well of GRACE Ministries is a non-profit Christ-centered organization that transforms physically, emotionally, and spiritually wounded young women.

Community & Fundraising Events
Renewed & Restored: Resale at the Well

R&R is a new extension of Well of GRACE Ministries, 
a local non-profit serving women and girls across 
southwest Michigan. Funds raised through the resale 
shoppe will go directly to fund the mission of 
Well of GRACE to educate and encourage girls and 
women to live life with potential, purpose & possibilities. 
Well of GRACE provides free, licensed professional counseling 
through programming offered at their center in Stevensville, 
in area schools, through individual and group settings 
and in partnership with other local health organizations.

From the Director’s Desk: Healing & Hope 
By Mary Andres, MA, LPC
    A few of our staff members attended a talk by Richard Harwood called “Civic Virus” put on by the Berrien Community Foundation https://theharwoodinstitute.org/rich-harwood -here is a link if you are interested learning more
     The conversation covered concepts of polarization, community engagement and paths to healing. I couldn’t help but think of all the teenagers we walk alongside needing encouragement, someone to listen and try to understand them, as they try to create and understand themselves at the same time. Each person unique: regarding personality, life experiences (unhealthy/healthy), strengths, resources, and longing for their basic needs to be met. We have long discover that our most important need is love and belonging. The question, and answer, on how do we create healing “in community” is similar to what we would use in a counseling setting. We listen, encourage, and provide useful tools. We challenge false narratives, unhelpful thinking styles and stagnation.  We encourage growth mindsets that speak in terms of, “You are on our way, keep going!”  We encourage people to learn from mistakes, hurts, and trauma and grow instead of remaining victims of circumstances.  There is no shame, there is no finger pointing…only unconditional positive regard.  What is the path to healing? The answer is easy and complex, it’s individual, unique, and creative. Growth, change and development take time and most importantly unshakeable hope, grit, resilience and connection with others who can encourage you along the way. Romans 12:12 says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” And scripture also tells us to seek wise counsel!  I am grateful for Dr. Harwood's shared wisdom today.